West End Cumberland Presbyterian Church In America is located in the heart of Fayetteville, Tennessee or as we call it "Favor-ville". We are a church of ordinary people seeking the favor of God for our lives, and the lives of those we come in contact with. Since we began in 2011, West End has continued to thrive under the Pastoral care and teaching of Rev. Dezi Fletcher. 

As a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America, we celebrate our faith through corporate worship. We seek to save the lost, to console the broken hearted and to assist the needy. This great legacy we extend from compels us to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ as a multi-cultural inclusive, nurturing and equipping family.

We invite you to come grow with us as we love and serve God and our community. 

We have been blessed to rest under the care and teaching of Rev. Dezi Reginald Fletcher for the past six years. As Pastor, he has served tirelessly to build our congregation, instill within us the character of Christ and empower us to serve and grow in God. 

Rev. Fletcher was reared under Rev. Terry Ragland of New Hope CPCA, where he humbly accepted his calling into the ministry. A singing man and a lover of music, he has always had his hand in the music ministry of the church, leading many worship services over the years. Such a love was passed down to his three beautiful children, Pierre, Shaniqua and Dezi Jr. who are known throughout the community for their unique musical talents. 

We thank God for the life and calling of Rev. Fletcher, his family  and the message of love he joyfully brings every Sunday.